2023: Proliferation of presidential aspirants is worrisome – Onuesoke

A CHIEFTAIN of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Delta State governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke has expressed worries over the proliferation of presidential aspirants in preparedness towards the 2023 general elections

The Chieftain frowned at the development urging political parties to rise to the ocassion.

Speaking with newsmen at Asaba International Airport, Asaba, Delta State on Thursday, 5th, May, 2022, he said the proliferation leaves one to wonder if the office of the President has now become an all comers’ affair.

He said, “I know people will say this is democracy, the more the contestants the better for the choice of a capable candidate. I disagree with the above insinuation.

“The presidency of Nigeria is a serious business. Nigeria is the largest black nation in the world and definitely not every joker should be declaring for the presidency of the country. Some persons that can’t even win their wards are declaring for the presidency. How did we get to this sorry path?”

He said presently, over 65 presidential aspirants so far whereas, many of them cannot win their wards.

“I think this is the highest number of political aspirants we have ever had in the history of the country. Every clown believes he can be president of Nigeria.

“If care is not taken, many artisans will declare for the presidency soon, after all you just need a primary six certificate to be president of the country.

“Majority have no chance in serious countries to be town mayors. Some will be in prison for varieties of crimes – corruption, stealing, bribery and money laundering etc. Yet if these are all Nigeria can boast of as presidential candidates, then the country is doomed,” said the Chieftain.

He advised the aspirants to start declaration from the lower levels and make considerable impacts before declaring for a higher office or running for successful businesses.

“Some of these people should start from the lower levels and make considerable impacts before declaring for higher offices or running a successful business,” Onuesoke advised.

He lamented the high cost of obtaining the presidential nomination forms, adding that Nigeria is a country where some people cannot afford two square meals per day considering the astronomical increase in pricesof commodities whereas, presidential aspirants are purchasing nomination forms for millions of Naira.

“Such high cost of nomination forms has put the office of the President in the hands of the highest bidder. This is to say the parties have put Nigeria in the hands of money bags. Such political financial bargain cannot produce the best candidate to rule the masses,” he added.

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