About Us

Citizens Compass is an online media platform, in Nigeria, with office located in Lagos.

Our experience in both print and electronic media spans over three decades before the christening of the name Citizens Compass Media in 2021.

Having acquired experiences through media services in a very vast reportage ranging from politics, business, communities, entertainment, crime, health, transportation, technology, migration, health, religion, energy and sports to mention but a few.

We understudied the effects of wrong and false reportage being shunned out by many unqualified and corrupt individuals in the practice, this if continued unabated, could do further damages that the media will no longer leave up to its purpose.

As a result of this, Citizens Compass has decided to right the wrongs and correct the ills that have started the profession on the face by serving members of the public ethically and professionally.

We have qualified hands who have been practicing journalism for decades.

Our stories are published based on the ethics of the profession.

We are a reliable and respectable media outfit as our experiences span across Nigeria with international contributions via our correspondents.

The name Citizens Compass directs every citizen on the right path just as the compass aids your journey on the right direction.

Our colours are Silver, Navy Blue and Red.

Blue depicts piety and sincerity in heraldry, Silver symbolizes riches and wealth while Red depicts adventure.

All put together strengthens us to rejig and rejuvenate the harm done to the media by the corrupt and insincere individuals who accidentally hacked themselves into the media practice.

Join us as we serve you dutifully.

…Navigating the path to truth.

Social media platforms:

Facebook page- Citizens Compass Media

Twitter: @ccompassnews

Email- citizenscompassngr@gmail.com

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