Adamawa suspends NGOs over vote buying

CITIZENS COMPASS– ADAMAWA State government says it has suspended all the activities of local and international Non- Governmental  Organizations (NGO’S) over allegations of vote buying during the presidential and National Assembly elections.

According to the State governor, Ahmadu Fintiri who made announcement in a State wide broadcast on Tuesday, February 28, 2028, the suspension will last throughout the State until 15th March 2033.

The Governor accused the NGO’S of being partisans in the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections.

He further alleged that the NGO’S are being agents of vote buying, thereby attempting to mislead the electorate.

“In view of the forgoing and in furtherance of our desire to reorder the electoral behavior of our people and remove the influence of the NGO’S who have reduced the statutory mandate to that one of vote buying machine, government has decided to suspend their activities “.

Their suspension will last till the 15th of March 2023 when the elections are done “

He said “the action is done in good faith and in furtherance of our desire to deepen our democracy and protect the humanitarian mandate of the NGO’S.

Fintiri told the people of the State to learn to put the interest of the country above other primordial  interest in their daily activities.

He commended the people of the State for their peaceful and orderly conduct during the Presidential and National Assembly elections.

“This is a true reflection of Adamawa as home of peace and a bastion of democracy and therefore urged you to maintain calm and do more in the next governorship and State Assembly elections”.

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