Bride collapses on wedding day 


CITIZENS COMPASS– A viral video has captured a bride who fell down at her traditional wedding ceremony.

The video, shared by a TikTok user @ammy_mil, captured the bride energetically dancing as she approaches her husband to offer him a drink. 

She was accompanied by her friends when the incident occurred in the presence of her guests.

She has successfully rounded off her dancing steps and was about handing over the drink when she fell down before the groom.

The incident has sparked reactions online, with some attributing the collapse to supernatural forces, colloquially referred to as ‘village people’, while others speculate that exhaustion from wedding preparations may have played a role.

Here are some of the reactions;

@Ladyp reacted: “I don’t think this one is about village people ooh. (1) the gown (2) the foot wear (3) The area the man was sitting. But hope everything went well.”

@Perpetual Chioma said: “This is not ordinary fall oo, she fainted and something was coming out from her mouth, I hope she is okay.”


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