Fanfare as APC organises rally in Lagos

...hoodlums attack Trust TV cameraman

CITIZENS COMPASS– IN the presence of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Tuesday, rounded off his campaign amidst fanfare at Teslim.Balogun Stadium in Lagos State.

Addressing the rally, Asíwájú facing the president said: “As you worked hard for me, I will work hard for Nigeria. All the plans set out in our Action Plan for Renewed Hope for Nigerians will be pursued rigorously.”

At every turn, he thanked President Buhari for standing firm for democracy, accountability, transparency and fairness.

The president asked all of us interested to go and contest the primaries of our party.

After I was picked overwhelmingly by the delegates, he didn’t ask them to change the results because of my tribe or religion or because I’m not from Daura like him, he accepted me and celebrated with me, telling me ‘you are almost there now’.”

Asíwájú also said when it was time for the choice of a running mate, the president turned down his offer to choose for him, telling him “you know better, you are very experienced and you know the kind of person who will assist you to run the country, so pick that person’.

Hoodlums attack Trust TV cameraman 

Meanwhile, a cameraman with Trust TV, Taiwo Yishau has alleged that he was attacked by hoodlums at Teslim Balogun Stadium, venue of the rally.

Yishau alleged that he was attacked at one of the gates of the stadium despite that he was wearing a press tag issued by the party.

The cameraman who narrated the ughly  incident said he was hit by hoodlums and denied access into the venue despite that he was duly assigned to cover the event.

According to him,  the hoodlums accused him of forging the tag after some bouncers hired to man the gate handed him over to the hoodlums who insisted he was working for another party.

I showed them the press tag given to us by APC Publicity Secretary, Mr. Seye Oladejo yesterday. But they said it is fake.

“They said I am working for the opposition. They asked me to show previous works I did for APC and they kept beating me,” he said.

Yishau lamented that policemen a few meters away from the scene stood idly and watched “as if nothing is happening”.

“They didn’t say anything. I was trying to protect my camera and the phone as they kept beating me”, he added.

The management of Media Trust Group, owners of Daily Trust, has condemned the attack and vowed to take up the matter with appropriate authorities.

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