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Lagos Taskforce to crush 250 bikes

LAGOS State Environments and Special Offences Unit (Taskforce), on Tuesday, said it is set to crush 250 power bikes and dispatch bikes for violating the existing ban on commercial motorcycles in some parts of the state.

The bikes seized by the Agency, will be crushed over the weekend at the Taskforce crushing site in Alausa.

The Taskforce Chairman, CSP Shola Jejeloye, who disclosed this at the Agency’s Headquarters in Bolade, Oshodi,
said the bikes whose capacity are above the required standard were confiscated for either driving against traffic (one-way), conveying of passengers on dispatch bikes and riding on the BRT corridor of the State.

It will be recalled that the state government has banned the activities of commercial motorcycles in six Local Government Areas and nine Local Council Development Areas of the State with the enforcement kicking off on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 to compliment the existing traffic rules in the state.

Giving details about the seizures, Jejeloye said the state government has expanded it’s tentacles to motorbikes of higher capacity for various offences.

The Chairman said though the ban focuses mainly on commercial motorcycles popularly known as Okada, the State Transport Sector reform laws prohibit any bikes of any capacity from riding against traffic.

He said, “Riding a power bike doesn’t make you immune to traffic laws of the State especially when it has to do with riding against traffic (One-way), which is highly dangerous to road users and even pedestrians.

“Any motorbike violating the State traffic laws will be met with the same level of punishment as the Okada of lower capacity” He stated.

He further disclosed that dispatch riders who have seized the opportunity of the absence of Okada on the highways to transport commuters on their dispatch bikes would also have their bikes impounded.

“We have made series of arrests of dispatch bikes whose riders either conveyed passengers even with the delivery box still mounted on the bike or sometimes disassemble the box and convey the passengers with the bikes.

“Unfortunately, some of the owners of these bikes do not know that their bikes have been confiscated because the riders usually abandon the bikes once apprehended by our officers”.

Jejeloye urges all dispatch/delivery bike operators to warn and lecture their riders thoroughly to desist from lifting passengers with their bikes or risk forfeiting the bikes to the State Government.

Jejeloye also appealed to power bike riders to obey traffic laws of the State highways as no bike will be spared once caught violating the law.


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