Opay users experience app outage 


CITIZENS COMPASS —Thousands of Opay users have expressed fear over the outage of the popular digital payment platform app on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. 

The outage has attracted criticism among social media users. 

Transactions on the app were said to be smooth at day time before the outage occurred in the evening throwing many users into panic. Opay was said to have displayed a a message on its Home page alerting users of system upgrade. 

The widespread outage has prompted a flurry of activity on social media, with users taking to various platforms to voice their frustrations and seek clarification from Opay regarding the situation.

Numerous users have expressed apprehension over the sudden disruption in service, highlighting the importance of the Opay platform in facilitating their daily financial transactions.

At press time, some Opay users could check their account balances and access security updates on their apps while others said the app went blank at press time. 

At about 11p.m, Opay users noticed an apology message on their apps while trying to access some features. 





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