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Police identify officer dragging steering with cab driver in viral video 

...Video generates reactions

CITIZENS COMPASS – Police in Lagos have identified an officer said to be dragging the car steering with a can driver.

The officer was said to be serving with the Mosafejo Division in the State.

The social media was awash on Thursday, following a video that captured the officer and the car driver with the background noise of a female passenger screening as the car attempted to crash.

Spokesman, Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin revealed the officer’s identity on his X Handle on Thursday, May 23, 2024.
He blamed Both the officer and cab driver for misconduct.

“Both men behaved recklessly. But let us start from the beginning. Why choose to abduct a policeman despite his dangerous method of attempting to stop you? You remained hellbent on taking him away against his wish.

“The officer has been identified. He serves in the Mosafejo Division. We would appreciate the testimony of the driver to enable us to take further necessary actions.

The video has generated mixed reactions from X Handle users According to @temper_thealien,

“Bro this is my sister, she kept begging this man to let the driver go at least, omo this man say ‘Oga’ is more important than all their lives combined, they dragged this thing for over 10 minutes on the highway and she had to JUMP out of that moving vehicle like wtf!

Replying@temper_thealien, Hundeyin said, “Get ready to be dragged boss, cos these people can’t find fault from the driver. Well, we will correct and deal with our own in our own way.”

@DOgbijo said, “The shame that the two of you have become in Nigeria goes to show that your training as security officers in Nigeria does not meet the standard Nigeria deserves.

“You saw a life-threatening video and converted the issue to online dragging.
“WoW. Bright and Ben. I am so ashamed of you.”

@ukwu_adah said, “And assuming the driver is a criminal, as an officer, does it make sense to you to have that level proximity with a supposed offender to the extent of jumping inside the car and be dragging a vehicle in motion, endangering his own life and that of other occupants?

What is the opium sake are you all smoking in the police force that makes you guys not to have common sense while carrying out your duty!😏😩

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