Saudi sights Crescent Moon as Ramadan Fasting begins 

… Australia, Brunei, others on Tuesday 


CITIZENS COMPASS —Muslims all over the world will commence Ramadan Fasting on Monday, March 11, 2024 as Saudi Arabia has sighted the crescent Moon on Sunday which signifies the commencement of fasting. 

With the fasting, Muslim Faithful are to abstain from food and water all through the Ramadan period. 

Notwithstanding the sighting of the Moon by Saido Arabia, some Asia-Pacific countries like Australia, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, will begin Ramadan on Tuesday after failing to see the crescent moon. Oman, on the easternmost edge of the Arabian Peninsula, similarly announced Ramadan would begin on Tuesday. Same applies to Jordan which will also begin Ramadan on Tuesday.

This year’s Ramadan comes as the Middle East remains inflamed by the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip. This has raised fears that the conflict may spark unrest far beyond the current borders of the war.

Saudi King Salman specifically pointed to the Israel-Hamas war in remarks released to the public after the Ramadan announcement.

“As it pains us that the month of Ramadan falls this year, in light of the attacks our brothers in Palestine are suffering from, we stress the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities, to stop these brutal crimes, and provide safe humanitarian and relief corridors,” the king said.

Meanwhile, inflation and high prices of food around the world since the pandemic began continue to pinch.

According to the Ramadan 2024 Moon Sighting LIVE Updates: The crescent moon of Ramadan was sighted in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. In addition to the two countries, the moon is visible in some western nations as well. A day later, the Ramadan crescent moon is visible in the rest of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries.

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