Soothing birthday celebration for Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke 


CITIZENS COMPASS —Friends and well wishers of a popular gospel singer, Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke popularly known as Egbin Orun have been sending congratulatory messages to her on the occasion of her birthday which took place on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. 

Spokesperson of the Gospel singer, Alhaji Wasiu Aremu Adeniyi, shared this on the media platform of the singer.

It reads, “As the gentle breeze of December 12th graces our existence, we find ourselves enveloped in the warmth of celebration. 

“Today marks the auspicious occasion of the birthday of a remarkable soul, Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke, affectionately known as Egbin Orun. On this special day, let us embark on a journey to honor and embrace the extraordinary essence of a woman whose life is a testament to unwavering faith and resilience.

“Born in the heart of Ondo, specifically Oke-Igbo, Morenikeji’s journey transcends the ordinary, beginning with the whispers of destiny echoing through her early years. Today, we celebrate the beautiful tapestry of her life, woven with threads of faith, determination, and an unyielding commitment to her spiritual path.

“In the symphony of life, Prophetess Morenikeji has not only embraced her spiritual calling but has also graced the world with her divine musical talents. Each note is a reflection of her resilience, rising above challenges and embracing the melody of her destiny. As we celebrate her birthday, let us resonate with the harmony of her soulful tunes and acknowledge the spiritual journey she has shared through her music.

“Prophetess Morenikeji’s spiritual journey has not been without its challenges, yet she stands tall as a beacon of light, guiding others on their paths of enlightenment. Today, we honor her dedication to the divine, her unwavering connection with the spiritual realm, and the profound impact she has had on those fortunate enough to cross her path.

“In embracing her role as a prophetess, Morenikeji Adeleke has become a source of inspiration for many. Her words resonate with wisdom, offering solace and guidance to those seeking spiritual nourishment. As we celebrate her birthday, let us express gratitude for the insights she shares and the positive influence she continues to wield in the lives of those who look to her for inspiration.

“On this joyous occasion, as the candles are lit and well-wishes surround Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke, let our collective hearts sing a song of gratitude. May the year ahead be adorned with blessings, peace, and the fulfillment of every aspiration. As she continues to shine her light on the world, may the universe shower her with boundless love, joy, and prosperity.

“In closing, let us join hands in wishing Prophetess Morenikeji Adeleke a happy and fulfilling birthday. May this day be a reflection of the love and admiration we hold for her, and may the coming year be filled with even more profound spiritual revelations, musical accomplishments, and the continued success of her endeavors.

“Happy Birthday, Egbin Orun! May your light continue to illuminate the hearts of many, and may this day be as extraordinary as the soul it celebrates.”


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