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Tope Alabi’s utterances over “Oniduro Mi'” was a blessing in disguise- Mike Bamiloye


The popular televangelist, Mike Bamiloye, says the the utterances of the popular gospel artiste, Tope Alabi over a gospel song,  “Oniduro Mi,” by Adeyinka Alayesori, was a disguise in blessing.

The Founder of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, disclosed this in an Instagram post saying that the issue was originally the devil’s conception to disrupt the Gospel music industry but eventually it became a blessing.

The cleric applauded Alaseyori for her handling of the matter saying that since the incident, her career had taken an upward swing.

He wrote: “Evangelist Yinka Alaseyori, thank you for remaining calm in the middle of the storms that the devil raised up to divide the music ministry that is even not yet large enough for end-time revival. May the Lord bless you and increase your anointing to sing more for his glory.

“I believe the Lord has allowed what happened to spring a surprise to the devil. The devil meant it for a showdown, but the Lord had used it as an uproar. Within a space of one week, the Lord made your name go viral and People began searching for your music and began to follow you up on Instagram and Facebook.

“I also went to search for you and listen to your music and discovered you have been singing for a long time. But would I have known, if not for the storm the Lord allowed?

Your Instagram figure shot up and you covered a gap in one week that took many people many years to cover. That is called favour.”

The clergyman also praised Alabi over reports that she had apologised to her colleague amid the ensuing drama.

“Evangelist Tope Alabi, thank you for doing the needful with the apologies, May the devil be continually disgraced and disappointed over your life. May you continually excel in battles that spring surprises against your life and ministry,” he added.

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