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What churches, mosques can do to curb insecurity 

IN THE wake of incessant attacks on some churches in Nigeria particularly the South- West, the Ogun State Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), has advised them to beef security in the areas.

In what was titled, ” Security Advisory for Churches and Mosques,” dated 9th June, 2022, Dr Samson Popoola, Ogun State PCRC Chairman, said,
“With the wave of insecurity now ravaging the country and the unfortunate incursion into the southwest, the Ogun State PCRC wish to advise as follow:

1. All churches and mosques are to immediately set up a security committee to be headed by a chief security officer with relevant security background if available and at least five other members inclusive of both sexes.

2. Acquire body metal scanners to screen congregants before, during and after service as well as Close Circuit Television CCTV in and around the church and properly manned and secured.

3. Discourage packing of vehicles too close to the places of worship.

4. Get and display phone numbers of security officers of the affected areas such as DPO, DSS, NSCDC, So Safe, Amotekun and vigilantes conspicuously in and around the building.

5. Organise fire and emergency drills for members at regular intervals to acquaint members with response to emergencies.

6. Discourage admitting suspicious and unprofiled members into services.

7. Vigils and night worships must be done with caution and with adequate security arrangements.

8. Fire extinguishers to be acquired and installed in places of worships.

9. Noise pollution is an offence which must not be encouraged in places of worships.

10. Religious leaders are precariously liable for the safety of their congregation, therefore adequate care must be paid to the children section and Sunday School to ensure security and safety.

11. Discourage scavengers and suspicious beggars around our communities.

12. Security officers can never be adequate for our need hence everyone must contribute their quota to security of the nation in the provision of back up vehicles and equipments, information and intelligence to security agencies.
Together we can keep our state safe.


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