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Yahoo Boys protest arrest of colleagues 


CITIZENS COMPASS – Scores of protesters perceived to be suspected to be internet fraudsters have taken to the streets of Akure in Ondo State protesting the arrest of their colleagues at two club houses in the State.

Citizens Compass had reported that the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), had raised two club houses in the State and arrested 127 suspected internet fraudsters.

The arrest had generated reactions from colleagues of the suspects as some viral videos claimed that the Operatives vandalized the club houses and brutalised some people.

However, EFCC had debunked the allegation urging members of the Public to disregard the video.

EFCC said a forensic report of the videos would be carried out to ascertain its veracity.

Citizens Compass also reported that the State Governor, Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa had visited the club houses to assess the situation.

A viral video has sparked outrage on social media, showing youths taking to the streets of Akure to protest the arrest of the 127 suspects.

During the protest, colleagues of the suspects were shouting “EFCC Ole” literally means “EFCC is a thief” as they marched through the streets.

The protest has generated mixed reactions on social media, with some users supporting the protesters and others condemning their actions. While some have praised the EFCC for cracking down on internet fraud, others have raised concerns about the agency’s methods and the impact on innocent citizens.

@iamcollinsopara: It’s annoying that instead of the @officialEFCC addressing pressing issues like Yahaya Bello and other politicians, they are targeting youths and rounding them up on vague allegations of internet fraud. These heavy-handed tactics only exacerbate tensions and do nothing to solve the root causes of crime. It’s time to arrest the real fraudsters of Nigeria, not scapegoating and repression!

@onlineguru: You people are not protesting over Economic hardship you are protesting the arrest of Fraudsters Na Tinubu fit una for this country.

@evansochinyere: Shameless people! Now we are publicly endorsing stealing rebranded as yahoo yahoo. Efcc should also do well and arrest everyone one of them seen protesting today. They can’t protest about the high increase of goods but for someone who was arrested for stealing.

@austineinstate: In those days EFCC used to have respect even from politicians. but since they started invading peoples Club and start eating their Indomie , things has not been good for them -pathetic

@sales_uwana: All this won’t help…Those who died during the end sars protest will think Nigeria has become a better place but No , we are still here… This is just irrelevant

It was gathered that the arrest of the alleged fraudsters took place at various nightclubs in Akure a few days ago, and it is unclear what sparked the protest. However, it is believed that some of the protesters may have been friends or associates of those arrested.

The EFCC has been actively pursuing cases of internet fraud in recent months, and this latest arrest is part of their efforts to combat the growing problem of cybercrime in Nigeria.

As the debate continues on social media, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold. Will the protesters continue to take to the streets, or will the EFCC’s actions deter them? Only time will tell.

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