Bride cancels wedding over N30,000

...Gives 24-hr notice 

CITIZENS COMPASS – 24 hours to her wedding, a bride-to-be, Florence Friday, has cancelled her wedding, upon realizing that the groom-to-be, Morgak James, won’t relocate from his family house ahead of the wedding date.

The wedding scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2024, in Farin Lamba, Vom, Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, was cancelled on the eve of the wedding.

Trouble started when Florence requested N30,000 from the groom-to-be, Morgak, on March 28, 2024, to book her wedding gown but Morgak who was unable to provide the full amount, offered N15,000 with a promise to complete it the following week. Florence, in anger, insisted on receiving the full amount before the weekend, threatening to call off the wedding.

Two days later, Morgak managed to gather the N30,000 and sent it to Florence to proceed with the booking. However, this resolution led to another condition from the bride-to-be.

According to Tudun Wada Broadcast, Florence requested Morgak to move out of his family house and get his own apartment. 

After a lengthy debate, they agreed to live in the family house for two months after the wedding before renting their own apartment. 

This agreement was reached before Morgak proceeded with the introductions, church signing, and paying the bride price. But Morgak was shocked prior to the main day when he received a call that the wedding had been called off by his bride-to-be for not packing out of his family house.

According to a source, Morgak had invested significantly in the wedding. Despite this, Florence’s family had cancelled their introduction dates more than three times due to various reasons, including visiting a student in school. 

Other sources also mentioned that her family had once cancelled their introduction a day before the D-Day.

Florence said, “I’ve never seen a responsible man who would bring his bride into his family house for his parents to take care of or claim he doesn’t have money while planning his wedding.”

The unfortunate development has stirred contrasting comments from both male and female netizens. See some comments below:

Melagros commented, “COMRADES, you can see that, this one of the reasons why I always advise my fellow bachelors not to rush into marriage unprepared

“As for the bride-to-be, since after all that the guy had done for you, but you still have the boldness to break the groom’s heart at die minute by cancelling the wedding, kindly refund him whatever he has spent on you for peace to.”

AbuTwins reacted, “Abeg guy collect your money! Buy one sachet of Panadol extra and use am for a week! Forget about her and move on!

“That type of lady you want you’ll see if you search wella! You for go village go pick educated girl. All those city-girls wannabees will give you migraine! Do not waste time on what’s not meant for you!

Gepheral snapped, “Na by force? Couldn’t even finish the whole write up.. The man should Thank his God and move on.”

EDUECO(m) commented, “Living in a family house is good for some folks, but it slows down the growth and happiness of other folks.

“I feel the man is accustomed to living in a family house while the lady does not like living in a family house.”

poshestmina(f) reacted, “A very valid reason, I wouldn’t date or marry a man that still lives with his parents, regardless of the living condition. I love, LOVE my privacy and space a lot, some days you wake up and just want to be alone and want your thoughts coordinated.

“You automatically become the family’s Chef ,Adviser, emergency Gele tier, Nanny to everyone and having someone else make decisions for you and hubby.

Even if it’s a face-me-I-face-you public compound, let’s contribute and rent. I no need ‘see finish!’”

oluwaseyi0 commended Florence, “Correct! The bible made it clear that a man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. Anything short is an unnecessary interference/stress for the new couple.”




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