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BRT with 60 passengers narrowly escapes falling into Lagos Lagoon

CITIZENS COMPASS —A Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), painted in colour Red with about 60 passengers onboard, has narrowly escaped plunging into the lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos. 

The incident occurred on Thursday, March 28, 2024 when the bus was heading for Lagos Island. 

An eye witness captured the moment in a video. 

In the video made available to Citizens Compass, the bus was in motion when it veered dangerously close to plunging into the lagoon.

It was said to have lost control and was heading towards the Lagoon with the passengers shouting for rescue. 

A miracle was said to have occurred when the bus suddenly stopped but not until some of the passengers were thrown into fear. 

A rail rod from the front of the bus, was said to have pierced the engine, bringing it to an abrupt halt and preventing it from plunging into the Lagoon. 

An eyewitness, whose account was captured in a now-viral video, reported that the BRT bus was packed to capacity with approximately 60 passengers, both seated and standing, at the time of the incident.

Fortunately, despite the gravity of the situation, all passengers emerged unharmed, and no injuries were reported.

“This incident could have resulted in a national tragedy,” remarked an unidentified individual in the video, highlighting the severity of the potential disaster. 

Having safely alighted from the bus, some of the passengers were seen thanking God.

Citizens Compass reports that the averted BRT accident in Lagos could have turned the national holiday to mark Good Friday into a national mourning with the loss of more than 60 lives being lost in what could have been a tragedy.

Recall that apart from BRT (Blue buses), Lagos State Government has restricted High Capacity vehicles from plying the Third Mainland Bridge. 


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