Camel bites owner’s head

CITIZENS COMPASS-: AN angry camel has reportedly attacked and decapitated its owner in Rajasthan, India.

In retaliation, some villagers descended on the camel beating him to death.

Sohanram Nayak had been trying to recapture his escapee camel when it allegedly bit off his head in Rajasthan, India on Monday.

Nayak was chasing after his desert animal that had broken free of its rope chains when it ferociously turned on him and threw him to the ground, The Times of India reported.

The raging camel then flung its owner by the neck before “chewing his head”.

The furious victim’s family and other local villagers got their revenge on the murderous camel later by capturing it, tying it to a tree and beating it to death with sticks.

A grim video of the locals killing the violent beast circulated widely on social media in India.

The brutal footage shows the dead camel slumped next to the tree and later pans to show the deceased body of its owner.

However, so far no complaints are reported to have been made about violent killing of the state animal.

In 2014, Rajasthan made camels the official State Animal in a bid to better protect them.

The northern Indian state’s Camel Bill was introduced in 2015 as their population began to sharply decline in the area.

It banned the slaughter, trading or injury of camels.

The crime of killing the state animal carries with it a punishment of up to five years in jail.

The awful scenes of the victim’s family and others attacking the violent animal as its body is lifeless on the ground.


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