Dog kills owner with gun

CITIZENS COMPASS- A dog has accidentally killed its owner with his gun in the United States of America (USA).

The 32-year-old hunter was said to have met his untimely death when the accidentally squeezed the trigger of the gun while the owner was driving with his pet.

The incident occured in Wichita, Kansas, USA.

The hunter’s dog reportedly stepped on the gun while it was in the back seat, forcing it to discharge in the owner’s direction, the Sumner County Sheriff’s office informed local media station KWCH.

Police discovered the man on the front seat as they got to the scene of the incident. He was certified dead on the spot despite their best efforts to revive him through CPR. It’s not apparent if the animal suffered any injury as a result of the process.

Pig kills butcher

Meanwhile, a butcher has been confirmed dead after a pig he was about to slaughter stunned him and threw him to the ground in Hong Kong killing him.

The butcher appeared to have been pushed over by the stumbling pig on Friday, January 20, and suffered a cut from the 15 inch blade.

According to police, the 61-year-old butcher had apparently blasted the animal with a shock pistol to kill it, but then the pig woke up and threw him to the ground.

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