DWINDLING ECONOMY: Onuesoke recommends part- time legislature for Nigeria

AS a way of rescuing Nigeria from it’s dwindling economy, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, a Chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to review the salaries and status of Nigeria legislators from working on full time to part time basis.

Fielding questions from journalists at a workshop on Cost of Governance in Kano, Kano State, the former Delta State Governorship aspirant said that full-time legislature is a waste of resources and time, arguing that the work of a legislator does not justify his being there on a full-time basis.

The PDP chieftain stressed that they  can achieve both legislative and oversight functions while working on a part-time basis, noting that, “going by their attendance at plenary, many empty seats are noticeable whether you come to plenary or not, your pay is on-going, what a wasteful venture.”

Onuesoke who claimed that his demand for part time legislators is to see how cost of governance could be drastically reduced taking into consideration the dwindling financial standing of the country is disturbed by the current system where workers are not being paid living wages, whereas a privileged few are earning luxury wages.

According to him, “There is nothing stopping an accountant, lecturer or banker from venturing into politics and do it part time. This would enable them to still hold on to their jobs and do politics. It will be beneficial because all these people are coming with skills and experiences from their own professions. So why can’t we use these skills and experiences in shaping our country?”

He further stated that instead of having them on full time, they should be paid according to the number of their sittings, just as he advised that money wasted on them should be channeled to other developmental projects

“Full-time legislature is a waste of resources and time. The work of a legislator does not justify his being there on a full-time basis. The enormity of work in the Senate which is the highest level of lawmaking is not enough to occupy the Senate every day of the week. That is why they work three days –Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Yet, the three days are not fully utilised,” he noted.

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