Eight family members perish in auto crash

CITIZENS COMPASS —Eight family members have reportedly died in an autocrash which occurred in the Ikeduru Local Government Area of Imo state.

The accident involved a Sienna space bus and a stationary truck laden with rods. 

They were said to be returning home from the Yuletide break when the accident occurred at about 3 p.m. on Friday, December 29, 2023.

Citizens Compass learnt that the father of the family, who was driving his wife and kids in a Sienna, collided with a stationary truck that was transporting rods, according to information made available to newsmen.

The victims reportedly died on the spot as the rod punctured their bodies, according to police and eyewitnesses who were part of the rescue operation. 

They also mentioned that the car was damaged in order to remove the family members’ bodies.

Police from the Ikeduru Local Government Area Division had deposited the deceased in a morgue.

The Chief Superintendent of Police, in charge of the Ikeduru Local Government police division,  Lucky Ahiole, stated that the driver of the Sienna car struck the stationary truck, which was parked at the side of the road. 

Ahiole said, “It is terrible. Eight died and we have taken them to a morgue. We had to break the Sienna vehicle to bring out the dead bodies. The rod pierced their eyes and bodies and even the children died.”

An eyewitness claimed that the accident may have been prevented if the stopped truck carrying the rods had not been parked on the road, but it was obstructing the route.



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