Father beats son to stuppor for eating in neighbour’s house


CITIZENS COMPASS –A resident of Sapele Delta State, is currently undergoing medical treatment after his father beat him to stuppor for eating in a neighbour’s house.

The 43-year-old father, Silas Ossai, has since taken to his heels to avoid atrest.

The incident occurred last Wednesday.

It was gathered that Ossai was Infuriated by the development, locked his son indoors and mercilessly flogged him until he almost snuffed life out of him. 

An eyewitness who pleaded anonymity said: “After inflicting multiple injuries on the boy and beating him to a state of stupor, he locked him indoors for three days, preventing him from going to school. It was only on the third day that another neighbour discovered the boy’s injuries and immediately contacted one of Mr. Ossai’s friends, who then took the child to a local chemist for treatment.”

It will be recalled that Mr. Ossai has been separated from the boy’s mother for several years, and the responsibility of caring for the child had fallen on the grandparents, who brought him to Mr. Ossai just two years ago.

“The mother, upon learning of the incident, rushed to find her son. However, the boy’s father, in a fit of rage, threatened to harm her if she ever approached the child, prompting her to seek assistance from the police,” explained the neighbour.

While the police is yet to officially confirm the report, a security source said the boy has been taken to Central Hospital for treatment.

“The injuries, particularly those on his back and buttocks were severe. He is currently receiving medical attention, but we have been unsuccessful in apprehending the father. We have conducted three visits to his residence thus far,” a source, who requested anonymity, said.




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