God answers us when charms fail —Testifier at Zion Ministry 


CITIZENS COMPASS —“When we have a problem and my husband calls on his Chi, he does not answer him, but when I call on my God, the God of Zion, he answers us”, declared a newly married woman as thousands of people who attended last Sunday’s Fellowship programme at Zion Prayer Movement Outreach Ministry (ZPMOM) in Okota, Lagos, cheered. 

The woman, who was one of many who came out to surrender their charms, occultic rings and amulets and give their lives to Christ, explained that she persuaded her husband to surrender his Chi (deity) since it became obvious it had no powers and was incapable of answering prayers. 

She added that this was unlike the God of Zion which answers prayers when called upon. The husband corroborated her story and brought out from his bag a carved deity which he said represented a family goddess he was mandated to worship. 

Many others who became born again at the programme narrated similar experiences, noting that they were happy to abandon their former life of wizardry, occultic practices and demonic worship which did not help them in any way and embrace the only true God who was behind the astonishing testimonies of deliverances and miracles at Zion Prayer Ministry. 

They were responding to an altar call by the Spiritual Director of Zion Ministry, Evangelist Ebuka Anozie Obi, for those who were ready to give their lives to Jesus Christ at the programme to come out. He had declared in a media interview recently that his greatest joy in the ministry is leading people to salvation. 

 “What gives me joy is seeing miracles that God is doing and people giving their lives to Christ. What I like is that God has chosen me out of nothing. I enjoy His anointing and presence in my life. I enjoy people; youths, giving their lives to Christ. I don’t compromise the word of God. It is meant for provocation. You must not like it when we preach. A young man in prison for yahoo yahoo was released after prophecy came. And he has given his life to Christ; I hugged him on the Altar yesterday. That gives me joy.”


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