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How to deal with bad neighbours

CITIZENS COMPASS– THERE is no doubt that many people often encounter various challenges living in a particular environment and this usually causes worries and anxiety as the case may be.

One of those challenges comes when one lives with an unfriendly or bad neighbour.

However, the following may be the way to tolerate the unbecoming of a neighbour which sometimes come in the form of disorganization, dirty habits, loud parties, incessant fights, illegal activities, which are difficult for many to deal with day by day.

Set boundaries

Whether they have expressed their nastiness from the onset or not,  you must set boundaries. Don’t get too familiar and playful with them. Let them know what you can’t tolerate when you begin to see that they are going beyond their boundaries.

Talk to the non-offending neighbours

If they share the same concerns, it gives you justifications for your issues- and also supports you when you decide to confront troublesome people or go to your landlord. Your neighbors might also have suggestions for solving the problem or approaching the troublesome tenant.

Be a good example

you are going to tell a neighbour to stop an act, ensure you are not doing the same. For instance, if you want to tell the dirty neighbour above not to leave the toilet unflushed, ensure you are also not leaving the toilet dirty.

If you will tell a neighbour to attend community development meetings, ensure you participate in community development activities.

Try to talk things out first

Let’s assume that they are oblivious of their actions. Probably, they didn’t realize that what they are doing is wrong, you can take a step to iron out things, highlight the wrong things and offer practical suggestions on what they could do to get better and be less of a nuisance and this could be one of the more practical ways to deal with a neighbour that is a nuisance.

Call them to order

If talking out doesn’t work, then stop playing nice and call them to order. Be prepared to have a big altercation with them but if that’s the only way you can find a solution, then, be expressive as much as you can.

Report to the agent in charge or the landlord

You have to stop playing nice at some point, while trying to deal with a neighbour that is a nuisance. Calling the landlord or agent may be your next option. The landlord may not want to hear your worries out and your hands may be tied.



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