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Kaduna reverses restriction order on telecoms services

KADUNA State  Government has lifted a partial three-month telecommunications shutdown in the state.


In September, the state government took the measure in an effort to tackle the criminal activities of bandits in the state.


In a statement on Friday, Samuel Aruwan, the state commissioner for internal security and home affairs, said the relevant government agencies have been directed to liaise with the telecommunications operators to restore full services in the state.


“The security agencies have now notified the government that telecoms services can now be restored.


Aruwan noted that along with the other measures in the security containment order, the telecoms shutdown had helped the security agencies to achieve some results, which the security forces will reel out soon.


The commissioner said the restoration of full services in the affected areas may unfold over a few days, as the service providers mobilise to power and boost their transmission systems accordingly.


The Kaduna State Government said it regrets the inconveniences residents of the affected LGAs may have encountered as a result of the shutdown, and commend the residents for their sacrifices while the temporary measure lasted.


The government also reiterated that the other measures announced as part of the security containment orders remain in force. These include the prohibition of motorcycles all over the state, the ban on weekly markets, transportation of cattle, and the prohibition of sale of fuel in jerrycans in specified local government areas.


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