Lagos Taskforce Chairman, Akerele, impounds 84 vehicles in Ikeja

…Wages war against illegal motor parks in Adeniji-Adele,


CITIZENS COMPASS –The Chairman, Lagos State Environmental and Special Offenses (Enforcement) Unit (Taskforce), Adetayo Akerele, on Friday, disclosed that the Agency has impounded 84 vehicles in Ikeja and its environs for traffic infractions.

He said that 84 vehicles were confiscated during special operations assuring residents and commuters around the axis that the days of commercial bus drivers dropping off and picking up passengers at unapproved locations has its days numbered.

This is just as he carried out an enforcement for compliance exercise at Adeniji-Adele and adjoining routes to rid the axis of traffic gridlock and criminal activities caused by illegal operators of bus parks and bus stops along that axis.

He stated that activities of commercial motor operators along that route had been going on for too long therefore it was time to put an end to it.

The Taskforce Chairman described the activities of commercial bus drivers (danfo) as worrisome due to long hours of traffic obstruction caused by their actions which has a devastating effect on motorists and Lagosians as a whole.

“Motorists do not have to spend longer travel time on this route due to the actions of a few. Occupying one or two lanes to create illegal bus parks is completely unacceptable and we are here to let these operators know that. If you want to pick up or drop off passengers, go to the designated bus parks.”

The Chairman further disclosed that the enforcement exercises carried out are going to be continuous and more intense and will be carried out across various parts of the State.  He described his planned actions as people oriented, meant to ensure that Lagosians are not deprived of their right to proper utilization of public amenities.

He said the Agency sanitised Awolowo Way and Ipodo Street close to Ikeja Under Bridge where the same practice of creating traffic bottle-necks through illegal Car Parks and Garages had been  observed. Akerele ensured that all vehicles parked illegally on the Highway and adjoining streets causing untold hardship to Lagosians were completely removed.

“Go-slow is not natural, not created by God. It is caused by the activities of a few recalcitrant drivers. The obstruction being experienced during the rush hours resulted in spillovers being extended to the Third Mainland Bridge and Kodesoh Street respectively, thereby making those areas impassable to motorists.”

Operators of kiosks and makeshift stores on the kerbs and walkways on Adeniji Adele were also not spared as the officials of the Agency cleared the structures erected on the walkway meant for pedestrians. Traders selling on the Street at Ipodo were warned to move their goods off the Road or risk having them confiscated by the Agency. Akerele ensured that sanity was restored and promised to maintain the decorum and serenity attained during the weeklong exercise.


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