Man blames government over gruesome murder of Agege resident in kidnappers’ den 

…RCCG pastor rescued, others unlucky 


CITIZENS COMPASS –A Lagos resident, Balogun Samson, has lamented the killing of a resident of Agege area of the State, who was reportedly killed by his abductors following the move by security operatives to rescue some kidnapped victims in Oyo State.

The Lagosian recently took to social media to lament the situation, mourn the deceased and urge security operatives to be alive in their responsibilities.

The post reads, “I might be myopic to some individuals who will go through this epistle and expect me to touch down on the Northern part and Southern part, but I have decided to place my focus on what I have verifiable fact about from my end.

“A Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor; Olugbenga Olawore, was to celebrate the life after death of his dear mother in Saki, Oyo state. He invited friends, family and well wishers across board to felicitate with him in the celebration of life. After they wine and dine with the Pastor over the celebration of life of his mother, they all decided to leave Saki, Oyo state to Lagos. Little did reasonable amount of them knew they were on a journey of no return.

“”They left Ipapo town, Saki, Oyo state on Friday 19th of April, 2024 and on their way back to Lagos, they were kidnapped by FULANI HERDSMAN at Lanlate in Oyo state.

“In other for the Herdsmen to show they means their ugly business, they killed the driver immediately without any iota of fear or empathy, and took the remaining passengers into a deep forest along Lanlate road in Oyo state.

“Immediately the Herdsmen got to their hideout, they started putting call across to all the kidnapped victims family requesting for #50million naira each from the family before they later increased their asking price to #200million naira per person.

“On hearing the voice(s) of their loved ones, Pastor Olugbenga Olawore’s family swung into ‘later to regret’ action by informing the Police and Amotekun about the kidnapped victims, hence the police officers and Amotekun searching for their hideout in the forest.

“On Saturday morning after the police officers and Amotekun had entered the bush in search of the kidnapped victims, they shot in the air to get the location of the kidnapers as they believe that will send a signal or frighten them.

“On hearing the gunshot, this unsettled the kidnappers and gave way for two(2) of the kidnapped victims to escape. This got the kidnappers furious and they decided to kill two(2) persons immediately to send a strong reprimand to others who might want to follow suit.

“On hearing the news of the additional two(2) people that were killed, families, friends and colleagues started gathering money to pay the ransom for their loved ones. After they had earlier rejected #5million naira for two students among the kidnapped, they later agreed to accept #1.5million naira per person. An agreement was also reached on the time and venue, which was 9:30pm at Lanlate junction.

“On getting to Lanlate around past 9(night), they called the head of the kidnapers that they were ready to pay the ransom by transfer which he opted against and describe a place for them where they could use POS and get cash immediately, as they acclaimed they only deal with cash.

“Before they could withdraw the cash and call back, the police officers and Amotekun had shot in the air again to unsettle the kidnappers as they believed it worked during the first trial. Hence the anger this brought to the kidnapers. With the believe that you hadn’t brought any money yet, you are shooting. What will then happen when you bring the cash? 

“As said in the previous paragraph about the second shooting of the police officers and Amotekun at Saturday night, it gave room for some kidnapped victims to further escape in which Pastor Olugbenga Olawore was among, leaving behind others to fight for their survival.

“Among those who were left behind in the kidnappers den was; Olakunle Gbolahan(Panko) and Ori Ade. The later had escaped before, but came back to render a brotherly help to PANKO because PANKO had been hit with a stick, hence his ability not to walk or run properly. On getting back into the den of the Herdsmen to help Panko, the kidnapers caught them there and killed them immediately. 

“”This courageous act of Ori Ade made him an hero who was not timid at the face of death, as against Pastor Olugbenga Olawore who was the host of the party and was also self centered about his own wellbeing alone and does not care about others safety or not.

“”As of the time of this write up, the numbers of those killed, as been made available to me are five(5).

“”Without mincing words, it’s quite obvious that humanity cannot be classified based on your reputation or office you hold in a religious setting or background as Mr Ori Ade will live to be remembered in our heart.

“”We also use this medium to appeal to OYO STATE GOVERNMENT, NIGERIA ARMY, NIGERIA POLICE FORECE and other intelligent groups to please help us fish out the kidnapers as this will also help relieve the pain in the heart of those who lost their loved ones.”


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