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Mohbad’s father replies ex-wife over paternity allegation 

CITIZENS COMPASS —Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji popularly known as Mohbad has reacted to the allegation levied against him by his former wife that he is not the biological father of the late singer.

He reacted via his yet-to-be-released album which he shared on his Instagram page.

The video album captured Joseph in an emotion-laden -laden voice reigning curses on his persecutors.
Recall that the 27-year-old singer died on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, in the Ajah area of Lagos State and was buried in Ikorodu area.

However, the death sparked protests upon protests among Mohbad’s fans and Nigerian youths and this warranted the Nigeria Police Force to exhume his body for autopsy the result of which is yet to be released.

On Monday, Mohbad’s mother, Abosede alleged that Aloba is not the biological father of Mohbad.

She described Aloba as a “thief” who is only interested in exploiting Mohbad’s death for financial gain.
She also gave him a three-day ultimatum to undergo a DNA test to ascertain if he was the father of Mohbad.

At about the same time when Abosede’s claim went viral, Aloba was seen in a video miming one of his yet-to-be-released tracks as he burst into tears at intervals.

In the song, Aloba asks why people like to spread rumours about him. Singing in the Yoruba Language, he also says he doesn’t know what he has done to deserve the “hate and criticism”.
Aloba laments that he no longer knows who is “my family or enemies”.
“Adabi a bi won o/ Adabi a beere/ Emio mo oun t’on so pe mo se ti won n fi rojo mi ka/ Tomo de tagbalagba lo n wa mi wale (Different people I know are no longer my friend/ I no longer know my enemies/Let us be wary of whatever we are doing or saying).

Another controversy surrounding the Alobas is the paternity of Mohbad’s son, Liam, whom Joseph claimed is not the biological son of the family.

He has since called out Mohbad’s widow, Omowunmi, to conduct the DNA test on the son.

However, the widow seems to have turned a deaf ear to the request of her father-in-law.

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