New NNPC must not disappoint Nigerians – Onuesoke

CITIZENS COMPASS– FEW days after commercialisation of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), former Delta State gubernatorial aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has urged its management not to disappoint Nigerians Al through their tenure.

The Chieftain also said the commercialisation would have functioned better assuming the four refineries in the country are not grounded.

Addressing journalists, shortly after President Buhari unveiled the new NNPC, recently, in Abuja, he said commercialisation of NNPC came at a time the world faces an energy crisis, hence, to whom much is given, much is expected. 

“There is nothing wrong in Nigeria having a national oil company, but to save the NNPC, it is important to keep the fundamentals in mind. NNPC’s transformation comes at a time when the world faces an energy crisis, and a cost-of-living dilemma.

“The emergence of a new NNPC is a good idea, but to me, the best that the Mele Kyari-team can do, is to lay the foundation for a more far-reaching process. 

“It makes no sense that the country’s four refineries are grounded, or running at a loss. It is shameful that Nigeria cannot meet its OPEC quota.

“How does a country with crude oil operates without functioning refineries such that it has to import refined oil?,” he stated.

The Chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said, “for the new NNPC to succeed, it is expected to do things differently to attract investment, promote innovation, eliminate corruption and inefficiency, and ensure clarity. 

“It must measure up like Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, and Brazil’s Petrobras. Its business model must work for the country’s benefit. The new NPPC must represent a transition in real terms into a new style and philosophy.

“They have to make themselves functional, effective and efficient. It is no longer the NNPC of yester-years whereby you blow government money. If they operate efficiently, it means Nigeria will gain, with the federal government still maintaining a substantial share in the company”


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