Okebukola dismisses rumours on plans to scrap some undergraduate programmes in Nigerian universities

Former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, Prof Peter Okebukola, has described as fake news messages being shared on social media as regards plans to scrap some university undergraduate programmes.

In a message purportedly sent to the social media platform and addressed to members of the Nigerian Academy of Education, it was alleged that the education review committee headed by Okebukola was planning to scrap undergraduate programmes like Educational Administration &Planning (or Educational Management);  Guidance and Counselling; and Early Childhood Education/Primary Education, urging  its members to speak out on the issue.

The message reads: “Dear distinguished President, EXCO and members of the prestigious Nigerian Academy of Education.

“Please be informed that there is a universities education curriculum review committee currently sitting which is headed by Prof Peter Okebukola, which is proposing the scrapping of some university undergraduate programmes like Educational Administration &Planning (or Educational Management); Guidance and Counseling; and  Early Childhood Education/Primary Education, despite the merits of the programmes.

“This move will be the destruction of teacher education in the universities as we know it today.

“The most disheartening thing is that some members of this distinguished Academy may be willing tools in promoting Prof Okebukola’s nefarious agenda.

“Please let’s speak out on this issue and say NO to Prof Okebukola and do NOT be used as his tools!”

However, in response to enquiries by, Prof. Okebukola said the message was fake news, adding that there was no plan to scrap any education programme.

Rather, he said all programmes in education were being maintained and strengthened with new programmes being proposed to make education respond to the needs of the nation.

He, therefore, urged Nigerians to await the outcome of the exercise.

He said, “It is fake news! No programme is being scrapped in Education.  ALL current programmes in Education are being maintained and strengthened.

“ Instead,  new programmes are being proposed for Education to respond to the needs of  our great country for teachers who are nationally relevant and globally competitive.

“Nigerians should await the outcome of the exercise and they will see how far from the truth these mischievous people are. To make Nigeria’s teachers the best, is a task that must be done collectively.”

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