Pastor heals mad man in Lagos


CITIZENS COMPASS -A yet-to-be-identified pastor has pulled a mammoth crowd to a bus-stop in Lagos as he miraculously healed a supposed lunatic.

The video of the healing wash shared by a social media user on his Tiktok handle.

The video captured the the Nigerian pastor allegedly healing the lunatic at the bus-stop.

The pastor appeared to be from the Pentecostal fold was wearing a piece of suit with a shirt praying  fervently and laying hand on the man, who was dressed in tattered clothes.

As he continued praying, the man began to exhibit signs of sanity, much to the amazement of passersby who stopped to witness the moment. 

During the prayer, the footage of the man being healed was also captured.

The pastor was captured offering a sachet of water to drink just as he displayed some signs of transformation.

The video has drawn the attention of social media influencers with a lot of comments.

Some of the comments praised Almighty God for the unexpected miracle.

The video was captioned, “This pastor heals the mad man. God is great!”

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