Pregnant woman dies for refusing admission 


CITIZENS COMPASS- An expectant mother has reportedly passed on after refusing to be admitted in a hospital.

She was said to be experiencing low blood pressure,developed complications and rushed to the hospital only to refuse admission and tragically passed on.

Before her tragic death, she was said to have lamented that nobody would cater for her children at home.

This was shared by a Facebook user, Ugegbe Oyibo.

According to the Facebook user, the woman was advised by her doctor to be admitted to the hospital due to her critical condition. However, she insisted on going home and checking in the following day, citing her children’s need for care as her primary concern.

Despite the doctor’s efforts to persuade her to contact her husband for assistance, the woman claimed he was busy and didn’t follow through. Tragically, she did not return to the hospital and was found to have passed away peacefully in her sleep that night.

The medical professional who attended to her expressed deep sadness and frustration, stating, “Something that could have been managed, and she was aware. Money wasn’t an issue, as she was an HMO patient. Her only problem was her kids. Those kids will survive without her, but she didn’t have to leave them behind.”


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