Woman climbs fence to collect  money

CITIZENS COMPASS-+ A video clip has surfaced online capturing an elderly woman scaling through the high wall of a new generation bank after she was reportedly denied the withdrawal of her hard-earned money.

The incident which happened in the Bodija, Area of Ibadan, saw the aggrieved woman, after waiting for so long, jumped the fence to enter the bank and challenge the bank operatives

Recall that the social media was awash recently with the finny çharacters of many Nigerians following the scarcity  of old Naira notes.

The Central Bank of Nigeria had fixed Tuesday, January 31, 2023, as deadline for the old Naira notes to seize to be a legal tender.

Due to pressures from various quarters, the apex body pushed the deadline to February 10 but the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning ruled over the deadline and directed Nigerians to continue to transact businesses with the old currencies pending a fresh verdict on the deadline .

in one of the videos posted online, a woman was seen half baked in a banking hall, asking bank officials to close down her account to enable her meet some expenses.

Similarlly, a video showed a man completely naked in another banking hall claiming to have over N500,000 in his account but could not meet his expenses due to scarcity of the currencies..

Few days back, some bank customers were seen in a video pulling down the main gate of a bank.

Many bank customers have engaged themselves in a fight after long queues at the bank yielded no results.

Series of protests have been recorded across the country where Automated Teller Machines (ATM) stands, banking halls and Police stations among others have been vandalised.

Despite the agonising experiences of many Nigerians, the federal government is yet to find solution to the lingering crises.

In the video, the elderly woman was seen scaling the bank’s wall though the outcome of her ‘meeting’ with the bank officials could not be ascertained.

Some social media influencers have criticized the government over the lingering scarcity of Naira notes across the country.

According to reports, the woman reportedly took the decision following delay at the bank.

In the viral video, other bank users  were heard cheering her as she struggled very hard to scale the fence and gain entry into the bank.

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