Yoruba Indigenes Foundation condemns $1,000 residence permit in Egypt

… calls for  rescue of victimised Nigerians 


CITIZENS COMPASS —The Yoruba Indigenes Foundation (YIF), under the leadership of Dr Olumide Aderibole, has condemned in earnest the $1,000 mandatory residence petmit imposed on Nigerians living in Egypt. 

YIF expressed worries, concern, empathy and advocate for the speedy rescue of Nigerians, that are massively facing high level of maltreatment, hardship and victimization in Egypt, in connection with the mandatory $1,000 for the renewal of their residence permit.

The Foundation condemned this on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, through its Director of Communications and Strategies, Mr Sanjo Olawuyi.

He said “it is sad to hear that Egypt, the home of civilization in the world, hurriedly enacted a law, which mandates foreigners to pay $1,000 residence permit, before 13th of March, 2024. The most painful part of this scenario is that, the Egyptian law enforcement agents, did not wait till the deadline of the commencement of the law, which is 13th of March, 2024, before arresting, intimidating, detaining and jailing these foreigners,”

These jailed foreigners were being given harsh treatment in the jail, until their parents and well wishers in Nigeria complete the payment of their deportation expenses and all other expenses they incurred while in the jail.

“The $1,000 residence renewal fee is outrageous for an average foreigner in Egypt.

“We are appealing to the United Nations, the African Union, the Nigerian Government, the  Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), the Nigerian Embassy in Cairo and other humanitarian bodies all over the world, to intervene in this injustice, been meted to the foreigners, by the Egyptian Government so that the victimized foreigners can be released unconditionally and be speedily airlifted back to Nigeria.”




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