Yoruba Indigenes Foundation condemns surge in kidnapping  


CITIZENS COMPASS — Yoruba Indigenes Foundation (YIF), yesterday, condemned the rising cases of kidnapping, for ransom across the nation.

The Foundation said this through its President, Dr Olumide Aderibole, in a statement signed by the Director of Communications and Strategies of Yoruba Indigenes Foundation, Mr Sanjo Olawuyi. 

He said “from the look of things, kidnapping is now becoming an emerging business crime in the nation. This statement could be backed by the daily news of kidnapping and its related huge transactions across the nation.”

The YIF President expressed worries that, none of our intelligent communities and agencies, has succeeded in devising an effective and efficient tracking mechanism to detect and arrest these kidnappers, even before they carry out their nefarious operations.

Aderibole likewise challenged all the financial institutions in the nation, to devise a worthwhile mechanism for tracking kidnapping related negotiations, transactions and ransom payments.

He frowned at the non effective usage of the National Identity Number (NIN) and the Bank Verification Number (BVN), for tracking the individuals, illegal agencies and the cartels that are financing kidnapping, providing logistics supports for the kidnappers and purchasing armunations, for these wicked exercises.

He expressed displeasure at the inability of all the telecommunication providers in Nigeria, to have reliable means for monitoring kidnapping related phone calls.

The YIF President concluded by calling for the establishment of a state police force, regional security network, the overhauling of our national security architecture, adoption of modern day anti-kidnapping technological devices and self-policing.


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