Youth gang robs with toy guns in Lagos

… How  to avoid one-chance robbery —Police PRO

CITIZENS COMPASS —Lagos State Police Command has arrested four gang members, ages 18 and 22 for robbing unsuspecting Lagosians with toy guns.

Spokesman, Lagos State Police Command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, disclosed this on Sunday, February 18, 2024, on his official X Handle popularly known as Twitter.

He said the suspects were arrested in the Costain area of the State.
He said, “These arrested suspects, two of them 18 years old and the other two 22 years old, successfully robbed with toy guns in the Costain area of Lagos State.

“Notwithstanding, they’ll face the law as though they used real guns.”
Similarly, the spokesman on his X handle outlined some safety tips to members of the public.


1. Be aware of your surroundings and check for suspicious activities from the driver, conductor, or even fellow passengers before boarding a vehicle. If you have boarded before noticing suspicious activities, request to alight at the next police checkpoint.

2. Avoid vehicles that offer suspiciously lower rates.

3. Avoid taking rides from strangers.

4. Where practicable, check the plate number of the vehicle and send the details to a relative or friend as soon as you board.

5. Avoid vehicles that are not painted in the official Lagos State commercial vehicle colour.

6. Don’t board any vehicle that does not have an interior door handle or latch. Also, note that criminals sometimes use child safety locks to trap and detain their victims. To be on the safe side, ask the driver to wind down the car window on the side you are sitting on at the back.

7. Avoid boarding vehicles with tinted glasses.

8. Be at alert while on public transport; don’t be too immersed in your phone and endeavor to be awake.

9. Avoid discussing money issues while on public transport.
Avoid discussing money issues while on public transport.

10. When avoidable, do not stay out at odd hours.

When hailing rides,

✓ Do not board the vehicle if it does not match the description given on the app.

✓ Do not board the vehicle if the driver shows up with a companion.

✓ Avoid taking offline trips.
Finally, arm yourself with the Lagos State Police Command emergency lines: 08065154338, 08063299264, or the Lagos State toll-free emergency lines: 767 and 112.

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