21-year-old mother buries baby alive 

CITIZENS COMPASS – A 21-year old mother, Olivia Jonas, has rep6ortedly buried her newborn baby girl alive in the Lunzu neighborhood of Blantyre, Malawi. 

The suspect has been arrested by Malawi authorities. 

The police public relations officer, Sergeant Jonathan Phillipo, said the suspect was eight months pregnant when she gave birth to a baby girl at home and buried her in a nearby forest without telling anybody, according to Malawian media on Thursday.

She reportedly informed her husband that she had a miscarriage when he got home from work and that she had been brought to the hospital for care.

According to authorities, after being questioned by nurses who were attending to her, Jonas claimed to have delivered a dead baby and buried her in a nearby bush.

Police from the Lunzu Police Unit hurried to the hospital as soon as they received the information from Mlambe Hospital officials, where they questioned the suspect, who admitted to burying the baby after delivery.

The infant was found to be still alive and in good health after the suspect led police officers and medical staff from Kadidi Health Centre to the spot where she had buried the newborn.

The suspect is currently being treated at Mlambe Hospital while she awaits her court date to confront allegations of burying a newborn baby.

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