Cow kills man at Christmas

CITIZENS COMPASS– A cow meant to be slaughtered in celebration of Christmas Day has turned around to kill a man in Bayelsa State.

The incident occurred on Christmas Eve in Obogoro community, Yenagoa Local Government Area killing a former youth president of the community, Mr Sobokime Igodo.

According to an eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, the deceased and his colleagues in the community usually contribute money to buy a cow that they do kill every year to celebrate the Christmas season.

The witness while speaking to newsmen noted that two butchers were hired by the deceased to kill the cow in which they had bought for their routine celebration and the cow was speculated to be killed in front of the house of the deceased.

However, the cow refused to be slaughtered and the two butchers tried their best to ensure that he stood on its feet so that they could kill it easily but all to no avail.

The deceased who was inside the house thereafter came out to check what was going on, but was on a call and was not paying attention to the drama between the two butchers and the cow. And all of a sudden, the cow stood to its feet and ran towards the deceased who was still on call and kicked him so hard that he landed on his back and broke his spine.

The ex-youth president was immediately rushed to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Yenagoa before he was referred to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Rivers when he eventually died.

The witness noted, “All of a sudden, the Christmas cow got up and raced towards the deceased who was on a call, kicking him so hard that he landed on his back and broke his spine. He was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead. The circumstances surrounding the death of Sobokime was a devastating one for the family and the Obogoro community and his death has ruined the air of festivities for the family and the youths of Obogoro.”

Nevertheless, the Bayelsa State Commissioner of Police, Benjamin Okolo, who confirmed the death of the deceased noted that his body has been deposited in the mortuary pending the time that his family members would bury him

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