Wicked aunt asks minor to drink toilet water 


CITIZENS COMPASS– POPULAR human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has narrated how a minor was locked up in a toilet by an aunt in Delta State.

Gwamnishu said he later rescued the minor from the situation.


The activist shared the video on his Instagram page on Friday, February 10, 2023.


It was gathered that the minor, simply identified as Blessing, was locked in the toilet without food or water and was allegedly told by her aunt to drink the toilet water when thirsty.


Gwamnishu said, “I am here in Ogwashi Uku for a young girl that cried out from a toilet window.


“Concerned neighbours reached out to a journalist and I was contacted to intervene.


“From findings, she was locked inside by her aunt without food and water ‘When you are tasty, drink from the WC,’ her aunt told her.


“If you are within Ogwashi Uku and wish to join me for this intervention, please find your way to Aunty Bose School by Kwale Junction. The woman’s house is opposite the school. I have also filed a police complain.”


The minor also said she was to stay in the toilet till her aunt comes back home in the evening.


When asked if her aunt’s husband was aware, she told her rescuers that her aunt’s husband was also aware.


Gwamnishu added, “With swift intervention from the Nigeria Police Ogwashi-Uku and the head DSS, Aniocha South, we gained entry into the apartment of Blessing Obuseh.”


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