Defection in APC/ PDP won’t solve Nigeria’s problems- Onuesoke

A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) , Chief Sunny Onuesoke, says defection from one political party to another dors not solve the various challenging confronting Nigeria as a whole.

Speaking with newsmen in Asaba over the weekend while reacting to the series of defections across political parties, he said,

“Defection is no solution to the myriads of problems facing the country at the moment, Nigerians are hungry. For the past five six years, Nigerians have been subjected to untold hardship and hunger due to the incompetent handling of governance by those entrusted with such  responsibilities.

“Instead of increase in living standard, Nigeria is experiencing massive decrease, prices of basic commodities have shot astronomically high from what was obtainable in the past.

“There have been lots of job losses with firms either downsizing or folding up completely. Nigerians cannot sleep with their two eyes closed due to insecurity occasioned by the activities of marauding killer herdsmen, bandit and kidnappers which is currently ravaging every facet of our national life.

“Instead of looking for ways to  salvage the situation, politicians from both the ruling party APC and the opposition PDP are busy crisscrossing between political parties like political prostitutes”   Onuesoke stated.

The former governorship aspirant called on politicians to wake up and face the reality of tackling the problems facing the country instead of pursuing their selfish and personal interest.

“I have said this before that those politicians  decamping from one party to another  do not have the interest of their people at heart. They are pursuing their own selfish and ignoble interest.

“They are  just desperate power mongers ready to sacrifice the need of their people at the altar of personal greed and aggrandizement. If not, it’s very difficult to phantom any justifiable reason why a politician would decamp from PDP to APC or from APC to PDP at a time when the chips are down  in all ramification of our national life , it’s so unfortunate and unpatriotic” he added.

He said: “Politicians must stop this unhealthy practice of jumping ship from one party to another for the time being and focus on how we can salvage what is left of us as a nation.

“We must put on hold our personal interest to galvanize our people for the greater good of our nation so as to bequeath a prosperous and united country to the next generation.

“A meticulous look at the condition of lives of the people has shown that even after decamping, the people are not better off. Rather in some cases their condition is worse despite the series of defections by politician from one political party to another.

“This goes to tell you that decamping is not the solution.” He added.



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