EDUCATION LOAN: We won’t be part of solidarity walk -Osun students vow


By Bose Adelaja


CITIZENS COMPASS– The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) Joint Campus Council, Osun State axis on Sunday , April 7, 2024, vowed to pull out of the planned protests organised by the National body of Nigerian students.

This was announced in a statement by its spokesman, Comrade Adedapo Taiwo Emmanuel (Network) and jointly signed by comrades Afolabi Oluwatobiloba Faruq (Costa General Secretary, Osun NANS JCC) and Ogungbe Taiwo Adedamola (El-Capito, Chairman, Osun NANS JCC)

It reads, “NANS JCC Osun Axis unequivocally disassociates itself from the solidarity walk organized by Lucky-led NANS.

“We express profound disappointment regarding the planned solidarity walk by the NANS National body under the leadership of Comrade Lucky. As leadership of NANS from the Osun Axis, we adhere to a principled ideology, comprehending the intricacies of this proposed loan and its enduring repercussions on students and the nation’s economy. When student loans were initially introduced, we issued a press release articulating our discontent and advocating for grants and scholarships, akin to the policies implemented during Awolowo’s tenure as Governor of the Western Region and in states governed by UPN during the Second Republic. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the adverse effects of this loan on both students and the nation.

“The federal government’s cessation of funding for education precipitated a surge in school fees at higher institutions. Despite this, access to the loan remains elusive for students. It is lamentable that NANS National, as the apex student body, has maintained silence amidst the tribulations inflicted by IMF and World Bank economic policies, failing to organize solidarity walks against these detrimental measures. Instead of championing the interests of students and the populace, NANS National aligns itself with the anti-people policies of the federal government. The recent exorbitant increase in electricity tariffs is emblematic of this trend, exacerbating economic hardships for students. Yet, NANS National remains silent, opting to endorse President Tinubu’s agenda, which threatens to render education inaccessible to the masses.

“We, representing the Osun Axis, have consistently advocated for the people’s interests. Under no circumstances will we condone oppression. Through this platform, we inform Nigerian students and the general public that all eight institutions in Osun, comprising hundreds of thousands of students, dissociate from this walk. We categorically reject participation in this initiative and implore Comrade Lucky to reconsider, thereby averting the tarnishing of our association’s reputation.

“Moving forward, we pledge unwavering support for NANS National in endeavors that promote the welfare  of students and the people. Our commitment to students’ well-being remains steadfast and will continue to define our guiding principles.”


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