Labour Party drags MC Oluomo to International court

... challenges Sanwo-Olu's victory 


CITIZENS COMPASS – THE Labour Party in Lagos State has included the names of Chairman, Lagos State Parks Management Committee, Musiliu Akinsanya popularlly known as MC Oluomo in a petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

Another person listed in the petition was the All Progressives Congress (APC) chief, Bayo Onanuga.

The Gubernatorial candidate of the party, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, disclosed this during an interview on Arise News Morning Show on Friday, April 7, 2023.

He said the party has submitted its petition against the victory of the APC in Lagos saying that he owed it to those who died trying to make him governor despite not getting any money from him.

“We have already written to the prosecutor we are not considering. People on that list were people like MC Oluomo, Bayo Onanuga and all the people that were instigating ethnic profiling and all the people that were involved in violence on that day.

” So, there are a number of people that may not be popular but we know for a fact that they were involved in violence. It is an objective petition not a subjective one. If you did anything to cause people to be worried, to intimidate or suppress people or to enable violence, we are reporting you.”

He said that some traditional rulers who were found to have violated their royal duties for political posturing were also on the list.

If you are calling Oro during the day, that is a desecration of a rite that has been holding over a very long time and you desecrate it by holding it during the day.”

said the candidate.

Rhodes-Vivour besides mentioning the Labour Party petition to the ICC which he said included MC Oluomo and Onanuga, also disclosed that he had submitted his petition against the victory of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in the governorship election.

” We have compiled our petition, submitted it and have a very good case. I am very positive.

‘believe that when people died especially after they were threatened with the Oro situation and if you have seen the videos of where they were practically cursing anyone that was not going to vote for the ruling party and they came out in spite of that and voted for a young man who did not give them any money to do that, you owe it to them to fight for that mandate as far as you can.

“What happened in Lagos was a war on Lagosians no matter how they want to colour it. In Ikoyi there were Yoruba people who were beaten up by thugs and hooligans. If they want to try it again next time, they would do things differently, not this brazen rape of our democracy in Lagos.”






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