Lagos Taskforce impounds 355 motorcycles 

... Vows to end menace


CITIZENS COMPASS —Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit (Taskforce), has impounded 355 motorcycles popularly known as Okada in the State.

The motorcycles were impounded for operational infractions on Tuesday. 

Spokesman of the Agency, Gbadeyan Abdulraheem who disclosed this in a statement said the exercise was to live up to the State Government’s expectation of zero tolerance to the menace of commercial motorcycle operations in the State. 

He said the operation was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye. 

“The unique exercise which was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye took place in various locations across the City and lasted over five hours due to the rigorous tactical methodology required to execute it. 

“Jejeloye disclosed that the operators of Okada on highways in Lagos seemed to be daring but they are no match for the will and might of the Taskforce. 

“Our success today is one of a kind as a result of the numbers of bikes seized in this axis. We visited Alakija and Abule some weeks ago but we had to revisit here again and also included Trade Fair/Badagry Expressway this time in order to achieve this result, and also send a clear message to these intractable okada riders”.

“The Chairman further stated that the Agency came fully prepared for the operation leaving all seven trucks filled with confiscated okada. 

“It is evident to these okada riders that there is no place for them in a mega city like Lagos that is the reason we have continued hitting them back to back till they flee or turn over a new leaf. “

Jejeloye further disclosed that the intense operation carried out by the Agency would be extended to every nook and cranny of the State till the war against okada is completely won.

He highlighted the complexities involved in effecting the arrest of an okada rider which he disclosed is more difficult than apprehending an armed robber.

“Arresting an okada rider is more difficult than arresting an armed robber because of the nature of these bikes. Once they sight us they can do and undo by maneuvering and riding against traffic, thereby endangering their lives, passengers and that of other road users.”

“The Chairman assured Lagosians that every part of the State where their activities have been banned  will be visited and cleansed till their operations are a thing of the past. He urged residents to stop patronizing okada and make use of safer means of transportation befitting of mega city like Lagos.

“He reminded them of the position of the law which finds both the rider and passenger culpable if caught riding on okada on the State Highways or areas where their activities have been completely banned.”


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