Motorist bites Taskforce official to evade arrest in Lagos

OFFICIALS of the Lagos State Taskforce have arrested a commercial driver who bit the finger of an official of the Agency during his arrest and impoundment of his vehicle for driving against traffic (One-way) along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway.

The suspect, Osinachi Ndukwe, 32, drove against traffic from Oshodi down to Ayoni Bus stop along that route to beat traffic which was a result of the road construction going on on that axis.

“I usually complete eight to 10 trips in a day but because of the traffic construction going on here, I decided to drive on one-way all the way down to Ayoni Bus stop. I was frustrated that’s why I had to bite the finger of the official seriously to avoid being arrested” Ndukwe stated.

CSP Jejeloye disclosed that most motorists try to use Road construction as an excuse to break the law but it is not acceptable.

“Commercial drivers always give the excuse of road construction to justify driving on One-way but that is unacceptable in every ramification.

“Driving one way is dangerous and has led to the loss of lives on several occasions, that is why we will never condone it.

Anyone found driving in that direction will be arrested and he risks having his vehicle forfeited to the State Government once found guilty by the Court”

Jejeloye enjoined Lagosians to obey traffic rules and regulations no matter the level of construction going on as doing so will promote orderliness and safety on Lagos roads. “Driving against traffic is dangerous and irresponsible and should be frowned at at all levels” He noted.

In a related development, the operatives have arrested a suspected motorbike thief, Elias Marcus, 33,
who specializes in impersonating officials of the Agency to snatch motorcycles in some parts of the state.

The father of one was arrested at mid day while he was trying to carry out his usual act of impersonating an official and stealing a bike.

According to the victim, Yahaya Usman, 19, the suspect flagged down a bike around Mafoluku asking him to take him to the inner parts of Oshodi.


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