Our safety policies intact, Wonderland reacts to electrocution report

CITIZENS COMPASS– WONDERLAND Lagos has reacted to the alleged electrocution of a fun seeker at his facility on Boxing Day.

A statement by the co-founder, Ezekiel Adamu, on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, said those involved in the incident didn’t report to the authorities at the fun centre.

According to him, a risk assessment was conducted by the government after which the entertainment city began to function.

‘Wonderland Responds to Complaint and Reiterates Safety For its Customers.’

“A video of a parent’s complaint has come to the attention of the Management team of Wonder Land at Eko Energy City, regarding a supposed open wire incident and other safety concerns.

Wonderland is a city built for the entertainment for children, families, adults as well as businesses and one of our major responsibilities is the safety of everyone who visit or work at our entertainment city.

“Before Wonderland opened its doors, a risk assessment was conducted by Lagos State after which the entertainment city began to function.

“While we provide spaces for various vendors, regular safety checks are conducted periodically to ensure that our vendors are adhering to our rules, regulations, and safety policies.

“The supposed unfortunate incident was never reported to Wonderland Officials and was brought to our attention via social media, after which we jumped into action immediately to review our procedures and conduct our own investigations which are still ongoing.

“We can assure the public that no lives have been lost at Wonderland, our safety policies are intact, the safety and leisure of our customers is our topmost priority, and we are working with all of our vendors as well as Lagos State, to ensure that Wonderland is a safe space for all of our children and families.

“Children have a right to leisure, play and culture; safe parks and playgrounds are essential, and we do understand this at Wonderland.

“We have now requested another risk assessment to be conducted by Lagos State and after a successful approval, we will re-open.”

The state government through its safety commission had sealed off the facility immediately after the electrocution.

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