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Outrage as mob uncovers shrine in pastor’s house 


CITIZENS COMPASS –Anger and disbelief could best be described as a scene in a viral video where a shrine was uncovered in a pastor’s house.

The video which was shared by a Tiktok user, @vincent0042 captured a mammoth crowd visibly venting their anger on the pastor identified as the head of Divine Trinity Church.

In the video, the pastor was wearing a short with carrying some items on his head and was being escorted to an unknown destination.

Some background voices in the video said the shrine was uncovered in his house and this drew the mammoth crowd expressing anger and disbelief over the matter.

One of the voices said, “They found a shrine in his house; he is a pastor.” 

Another voice said, “See my pastor!” 

The video has sparked a heated debate on social media.

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