Primate Ayodele slashes rice price to N15,000, awards scholarship, plants new church

CITIZENS COMPASS–The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has extended his benevolence to his hometown, Ikere-Ekiti in Ekiti state.

In an event held on Friday, April 26, 2024, he commemorated the planting of a new church in his hometown with another edition of his palliative market which has been held twice in his Lagos headquarters.

The unprecedented programme which started with a rally the previous day witnessed thousands of Ikere-Ekiti indigenes in attendance including very important personalities like the Ogoga of Ikere-Ekiti, Oba Adejimi Alagbado, his subjects, Ikere LG chairman, Mr Olu Adamolekun Egbejoda, and Chairman lkere West LCDA, Mr Rufus Olorunfemi.

As it has always been done in his Lagos church where he sold food items at ridiculous prices, Ikere-Ekiti also experienced the reality of Primate Ayodele’s palliative market as several people got a bag of rice for N15,000, beverages for N1,000, a carton of Indomie for N2,000, Groundnut oil for N3,000, Semovita for N3,000, Wheat for N3,000 and Beans for N3,000.

In addition, scholarships were given to students, and grinding machines, sewing machines, and dryers, to mention a few were given out to women in Ikere-Ekiti for free.

While speaking about the reason behind the largesse, Primate Ayodele explained that it was a result of divine instructions since the politicians who are supposed to provide succor for the people have failed to carry out their responsibilities.

He also stated that wants to correct the notion that men of God use tithes to flaunt their expensive lifestyle when in reality, He uses tithes and offerings including his personal funds to take care of widows and the less privileged.

‘&I expect some of our politicians to be involved in things that will bring succor to the people but they don’t seem to be concerned with the well-being of those they are supposed to be serving. God has laid it upon my heart to embark on this project to support ordinary people and that’s why we are doing this.’’

‘’We also want to correct the narration that men of God use tithes to buy exotic cars and flaunt their lifestyle. If there are clerics involved in such a shameless act, we are different. We make use of our tithes and offerings to take care of widows and less privileged without regard for their religion.’’

The Primate hailed the Ogaga of Ikere-Ekiti for gracing the programme with his presence while urging the local government chairmen to speak to the state government to develop Ikere-Ekiti.

‘’I have never seen any king like the Ogaga of Ikere-Ekiti. He is a monarch that exudes class; He is factual, honest, vibrant, and intelligent. We have never seen a king like Oba Adejimi Alagbado, Ikere-Ekiti is indeed blessed to have him.’’

“I also want to appeal to our local government chairman to speak to the governor to develop Ikere-Ekiti. We expect the government to love the people; they need to work on our roads and security.

While we were young, we used to leave our doors open without any fear of theft but nowadays, it’s impossible. These are basic things the government should provide for the people.’’

In his speech, Oba Adejimi Alagbadon appreciated Primate Ayodele for remembering Ikere-Ekiti even though his ministry has taken him far and wide globally. He described the prophet as someone who has made his father proud.

The monarch marveled at the amount of money the prophet spent on the programme which was majorly for charity purposes. He further called on the people of Ikere-Ekiti to support the new church in a way to show gratitude to Primate Ayodele for his magnanimity towards them.

‘’We appreciate God for empowering Primate Elijah Ayodele and I want to congratulate the people of Ikere-Ekiti for a day like this. This is the beginning of a good thing in our town and we appreciate the son of the soil, Primate Ayodele who has also made his father proud on this day. We knew his father to be a good man and I congratulate myself on this feat.’’

“As I was seated here, I tried to calculate the amount of money this man of God has spent on feeding, scholarship, palliatives, and logistics; I can only pray that God continues to uplift him. He has become a cornerstone in the prophetic, he speaks to nations but he remembered his hometown, Ikere-Ekiti, he remembered the widows and the needy, I pray God continues to elevate him.’’

‘’We were in Lagos in February to commission his church building and today, he has brought a church to Ikere-Ekiti too. I want the people of Ikere-Ekiti to support him because this is our church. He has done well for us and we should show gratitude by supporting him too.’’

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