Show of shame in Ikorodu West over misappropriation of monthly N250,000 


By Bose Adelaja 


CITIZENS COMPASS – Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Ikorodu Division, Lagos State, appeared to be in a show of shame following disagreement among its legislature.

This was captured in a video which has since gone viral although the council chairman has refuted this in a statement.

The video was accompanied by both male and female voices in an altercation at the Council premises as some people watched what transpired.

The video clips displayed a scene where a young man carrying volume of files into a parked blue Lexus car while argument ensued between the female accusing the male deputy leader of the House that he was stealing Council documents, that he refused to liberate the Council and that he the collects the sum of N250,000 monthly from the council.

Similarly, the Deputy leader was also accusing the lady as a thief, that the Council Engineer and Chairman including herself should explain their atrocities over the council funds and how they signed overdraft.

The lady also claimed that she gave the Chairman overdraft based on approval on unanimous vote.

‘Eniti o ba mo law, a mo Olorun. Deputy leader l’o n ji sensitive document, Deputy leader l’o n ji sensitive document.of the local government.

Ole ni e, ole ni e, N250,000 l’o n gba l’owo government. 

O steal government property and put it in his car, bring it out , he refuses. He refuses to allow us to liberate Ikorodu West.

It’s not about me, it’s about Ikorodu West, ole ni e. (Whoever claims to know God should be able to interprete the law.  A deputy leader is stealing sensitive documents from the local government.

You are a thief, collecting N250,000 monthly from the government. He stole government property and put it in his car, bring it out, bring it out.

The male voice responded thus, ‘Ole ni gbogbo yin (You are all thieves). The leader took laws into her hands by signing overdraft with the chairman.

“Iwo ati chairman l’e jo n gba overdraft every month with the unanimous vote (Both of you were jointly collecting overdraft monthly). It’s your fault, you cannot control the house.

Come and prove it. The council engineer and you should come and explain what you did with the overdraft. The woman is not transparent.

Reference to the video, the Council Chairman, Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju

A young man loading the document in a car.

, released a rejoinder.

“Have you seen the video circulating online about an argument between the Councillors from ikorodu- West LCDA?

“I would like to set the record straight here.

“This particular video is from way back, almost two years ago, There was disagreement between the Councillors but it was resolved quickly.

“Any misunderstanding that might have happened at the Legislative  house over 2 years ago doesn’t concern the Executive cabinet  members because the constitution stated the separation of power between legislative and Executive arms.

“Now, my message here is this!

“Sometimes disagreements indeed happen, even among friends. But in Ikorodu West, we have always resolved to work things out and move forward.

“If you look closely at the video, you’ll see the background of the building was unplastered. It has been plastered now with interlock.

“That’s because we’ve been busy renovating the entire secretariat! See the photos and video of the new  secretariat attached here.

“Let’s not get distracted by old stories. Ikorodu West is moving forward with so many exciting projects, dotting the entire LCDA landscape.

“Rumors and arguments only divide us. We want to focus on the positive – making our community a better place for everyone.

So, how can you help?

“Don’t share old videos that cause trouble.

“Spread the word about the good things happening in Ikorodu West!

“Let’s work together to build a brighter future, not focus on the past.

Together, we can make Ikorodu West a place where everyone feels united and positive!”



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