Sowore, Adeyanju absolve Pastor Enenche over arrest of activists wearing #BuhariMustGo T- Shirts

Publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore and  Human Right activist, Deji Adeyanju, have visited the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr.Paul Enenche over the arrest of some activists arrested in the church premises for wearing #BuhariMustGo Tshirts  on Sunday.

The activists were said to have arrived the church at about 3:00pm alongside  their lawyer , Barrister Abubakar Marshal in a meeting behind close door with the pastor which confirmed that the arrest was made by operatives  of Department of State Service ( DSS ) but not the church security officials.

Addressing journalists shortly after the meeting, Adeyanju explained  that the church was not involved in the incident  adding that the pastor informed them that he had taken steps as at 7:00am to the release of the activists.

He said the pastor said the activists commited no crime and that he had reached out to the DSS authorities as regards the matter.

According him ” The pastor said he did not like the fact that the activists were making the noise in the chirch which could be misconstrued that the church was sponsorsoring a protest .

Also Soeaking, Sowore said the pastor denied the claims that the activists were trying to disrupt the church service.

He quoted the pastor to have said that he personally saw  them when they came out for altar call that he was  even excited  seeing them.

Sowore said ” it is their right , I wore my BuhariMustGo T Shirt to meet with him today. So nobody can  tell you what to wear to church or to school except  the schools that wear uniforms.

” As adults, if we are tired of the system and we say the system must collapse, it is our right to express ourselves freely.  I told the pastor  when he said he was unhappy when the activists were protest within the premises  that with the way things are going on, many people would be wearing  #BuhariMustGo  T. Shirts to the church because people are tired of Buharii regime.

” We have a respectable agreement  and some disagreement  over this issue but what is important  to me and why I don’t  want to drag this for too long is the release of these individuals from detention .

” We are going to wait till evening  because  we requested that they should  be released  today  ( Monday ) .  Nobody  knows their whereabouts . We don’t  know whether they have been fed or  tortured.

Meanwhile there was a mild drama at the gate of the church when the activists were granting press interview when some overzealous Policemen  challenged them and pointed  guns at the journalists who were conducting the interview.

The situation led to heated arguments as gum wielding  operatives  insisted  to know their mission  for granting Interviews at the gate.

The confusion which lasted for few minutes was brought  under control  when the activists  maintained  their ground that they have not violated any law with their action.

At press time, the whereabouts of the arrested activists were sketchy.

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