Three siblings drown in Lagos

THREE siblings have reportedly drowned in a swimming pool belonging to an estate in the Ajah area of Lagos state.

They were ages 14, 7 and three.

The tragic incident reportedly occured when their parents went for a social function outside the estate.

The siblings were said to have left their house to swim in the pool on Sunday, June 12, 2022.

An eyewitness said an alarm was raised after the three children were found motionless in the pool and were immediately removed from the pool and rushed to the hospital where they were confirmed dead.

“The incident happened in an estate in Ajah. The estate has a pool generally accessible to residents. The three siblings were the only children of their parents. When their parents left home for an event, they went to swim at the general pool and drowned.

The Chief Security Officer of the estate was part of the people that found the children unresponsive and quickly rushed them to a hospital, where they were confirmed d€ad.

They also quickly alerted the Ajah Police Station and also informed the parents that something urgent that required their attention had happened, but didn’t disclose what happened to their children.

So, the parents quickly aborted their outing. It was when they met the CSO and others that they were informed that their children drowned. Upon hearing that all their three children had d!ed, both husband and wife fainted and were rushed to a hospital, where they were revived.

The children are all girls; the first child was 14-year-old; the second child was seven-year-old and the third child was three-year-old. The incident happened towards evening.”

Confirming the incident, the spokesperson of the state police command, SP Benjamin Hundeyin, said

“The family are going through a difficult time. The incident happened on Sunday, June 12, 2022, but the CSO reported the case at the Ajah Police Station around 1am on Monday, June 13, 2022. The corpses of the victims have been deposited in a mortuary.

The victims were the only children of their parents. In fact, their parents fainted after they informed them that their children drowned.

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  1. Something must be fishy ! Proper investigation should be done. I suspect foul Play .

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