We won’t relent, Lagos Taskforce vows 


CITIZENS COMPASS – THE Lagos State Taskforce on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, declared that locations which had previously been visited for enforcement operations in the past weeks will not just be left unattended to but will be closely monitored for compliance and utilization by the State Government.

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye during the monitoring for compliance at Lekki Coastal Road where he directed that strict and simultaneous monitoring exercises of the various locations be carried out in all locations across the State. 

Jejeloye declared that these planned programmes of actions were necessary in order to discourage miscreants from regrouping at those locations after the clearing exercise is completed.  

He stated that total conclusion of a particular task is more necessary than two inconclusive tasks.

“As a Police officer, it is my duty to carry out enforcement exercises in areas marked for violating the environmental laws of the State in line with THEMES agenda of the present administration, therefore it is imperative that right after clearing exercise, monitoring follows to prevent a recurrence of the anomalies we corrected”

Jejeloye further stated that locations like Marwa Road, Lekki, Agege and Oshodi are the key areas where the Agency is monitoring closely to ensure that the succor being enjoyed by residents is not short lived. 

“Residents in areas like Lekki Coastal Road and Marwa Garden have sent series of appreciation texts to the Agency since the clearing of shanties where criminal elements use a hideout to perpetrate various crimes around the area. The Degradation of the environment affected the value of properties and real estate which in turn affects the economy, but we have come to put a permanent stop to it.” Jejeloye stated. 

The Chairman also disclosed that the Agency is getting ready for a massive clearing exercise of Fagba down to Pen Cinema and Iso-koko where shanties and makeshift buildings have become torn in the flesh of Lagosians in that axis. He promised to carry out a thorough exercise along the large expanse of land which will also be closely monitored like previous sites. 

In a related development, the Lagos State Taskforce hss carried out enforcement for compliance exercises along Airport Bus Stop, Ikeja-Along Bus Stop, PWD Railtrack and Shogunle where the walkways, median and kerbs built for pedestrian movement had been completely taken over by street traders. 

The Chairman decried the spate and manner in which street traders defy the laws of the State Government on the street despite the punishment it attracts. He appealed to anyone or group who is in the habit of obstructing human traffic by displaying their wares in such locations to desist forthwith or risk arrest and subsequent prosecution by the appropriate court. 

He assured Lagosians to continually make use of feedback channels provided by the Agency to report any activity that goes against the environmental laws of the State. He pledged to keep puting in every effort possible to ensure that the safety and serenity being enjoyed by residents is not compromised by anyone.



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