Progress as former Principal Staff Officer to Head of State hosts De Renaissance Patriots virtually


CITIZENS COMPASS —The struggle for the rebirth and retrieval of Lagos State from the 25-year-old occupati by non-indigenes from other South West states of Yoruba Land has taken a new dimension with its acceptance and embracement now soaring across board.

This was as pioneer Military Governor of Osun State and former Principal Staff Officer (PSO) to the Head of State during the General Abdulsalami Abubakar (Rtd)’s military regime, Major General Leo Segun Ajiborisha, hosted members of the steering committee of De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, the blistering socio-cultural organisation established to lead a better state for the indigenes and lead the way to achieving state political power reclamation.

The meeting, held virtually on Sunday 24th March 2024, was attended by Alternate Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, Major General Tajudeen Olanrewaju (Rtd), President and eye of the project, Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele, Secretary General, Mr. Yomi Tokosi, among other top members of the group serving on the committee.

Appreciating the group’s leaders for thinking him fit to be contacted and given responsibility, General Ajiborisha said all that were required of him to be done towards accomplishing the vision and mission of the group he would do.

“I feel honoured to be part of the effort to reclaim our Lagos State after several years of being deprived, marginalised and persecuted as our patrimony is usurped while crumbs are shared to us, the owners, by the usurping non-indigenes.”

Major-General Leo Ajiborisha stated that indigenes of Lagos State possess both human and capital resources to run their state more perfectly well than the current idea of the ruling party going outside the state to recruit people of other states of origin to come and run the affairs of Lagos State. 

He saw this as an abuse of process, privilege and hospitality of Lagos people  like repaying good with evil. He further noted that the basis of the choices of not picking indigenes of the state was demeaning and not based on merit, while highlighting the insults in peculiar cases of the then Senator Yayi of Lagos West and Hon.  James Faleke.

He said it was like sticking fingers directly into the eyes of the indigenes, a thing that posterity, according to him, will not forgive those doing this slap in the face of the indigenes and that posterity will not also forgive those indigenes who fail to rise up to the occasion with a view to correcting the anomalies.

General Ajiborisha also alluded to comments of the Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, where he stated that “Ogun State was giving her children to us to train us on how to govern”.

While further reacting, the Osun State former Military Governor stated that “anywhere in the country, other states would not allow their guests to do to them what is happening to the indigenes of Lagos State.”

He explained that “those leaders behind this know what they are doing. That an indigene of Lagos State has a name, historical background and a pedigree and would not allow himself to be misused or rubbished.”

He opined that no matter the thoughts behind the current situation in Lagos State, it was unfair and likened it to heritage of Lagos State indigenes being sold. Then he begged fellow indigenous Lagosians not to allow a continuation of their heritage being further sold or stolen.

He encouraged undiluted support for De Renaissance Patriots Foundation, a group which he pointed out was apolitical and fighting for posterity and meritocracy. 

He also noted that the indigenes’ reaction to the abuses found in Army recruitment was now paying off as, according to the General, “it is on record that the military is adhering to the issues raised by the indigenes at that time”, adding that no stones should remain unturned while fighting for our rights.

“Get something right. Non-indigenes can participate in the political activities, commerce and all other things that are constitutionally done in Lagos State but they cannot wear the cap. They cannot occupy political leadership of the state any more.

He made reference to James Falake’s questionable representation of Lagos in the National Assembly despite clear cut evidence that he is Kogi State indigene.

“Somebody had been occupying Federal Constituency seat that should be occupied by rightful Lagos State indigene at the House of Representatives in Abuja and he left that at a time, changed address and went to Kogi State to contest for Governor of that North Central state. When he failed to make it as Governor, he came back to Lagos State – even after it was now clear where he was coming from by indigeneship – and he has continued to represent us in Abuja. Who does that? Where is it done?” The retired military officer asked.

In the meantime, Major General Tajudeen Olanrewaju had told the meeting that General Ajiborisha, against the claims of the usurpers that Lagosians are not educated to govern their own state, was in the signal corps as officer of the Nigerian Army and an information and communication expert till date.

Olanrewaju, the Foundation’s alternate BOT chairman and former Minister of Communications, thanked the former Osun State military governor for sharing with the group, of which he is honoured trustee, brilliant experiences while announcing that the effort to reclaim Lagos had gone beyond ordinary to real and serious business.

He extolled the virtues of his military sojourner, who had served the nation meritoriously well and has a reputation of being forthright and brutally frank.  He thanked him for accepting the humble post of being a Trustee of the group.

“We have gone far on our plans and we are not begging anyone to make Lagos indigenes their political parties’ candidates in 2027. No. But, because we are apolitical, we will tell them from outside to nominate only Lagos State indigenes as their candidates. If there is any party that is not going to do this, we are going to put our feet on the ground to insist on them doing it,” Olanrewaju said.

In his general comments, the President of the group, Prince Adelani Adeniji-Adele, reiterated that he had no regrets for his comments that indigenes were being given the short end of the stick. He further stated that all members of the group were committed to their objectives.

The son of a late reputed Oba of Lagos concluded that “it is high time our people demand their rights from their oppressors, their Traditional Rulers and sundry interlocutors in the affairs of the state. Lagos State has its indigenous people and they should be so respected,” he said while asking Gen Ajiborisha to avail the leaders with his wealth of experience.

Patriots President Adeniji-Adele listed some of the achievements and plans by the group to push ahead in achieving its aims and objectives regardless of whoever is threatening or criticising.

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Retired Maj-Gen Leo Olusegun Ajiborisha

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